Ochena Manush Bangla Drama Serial

The story revolves around a family, which is headed by a millionaire widow Begum Jahanara. The play begins when the eldest son of the family secretly marries a dancer from a different religious background. The mother blames the son for her husband’s untimely death, which she believes was caused by the shock from the son’s inter-faith marriage.
Ripon Nabi is the director of the play.
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Murti – Seven Episode Serial on Desh Tv

Murti scripted by Shafiqur Rahman Shantanu and directed by Golam Sohrab Dodul, the play follows Tarafdar, who was a left leaning activist during his student days. Though he is not active in politics anymore, a mysterious statue makes him nostalgic.
Noted actor Asaduzzaman Noor plays the protagonist in the serial.
The cast also includes SM Mohsin, Joy Raj, Farhana Mili, Afroz, Dr. Ejaz and others.
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Hamar lalu bangla telefilm on Channel i

An old adage goes, “Families thrive through male children and female calves.” A society that has this mindset, naturally does not appreciate girl children male calves. They often grow up in negligence. Particularly, nowadays a male calf has little value. Ox or bull carts are obsolete now. Tractors are being used more in cultivation. In this circumstance, a male calf born in a hard-up farmer’s household has a difficult life ahead.
Romiz Mia is a destitute farmer and a significant part of his income is generated from selling milk. The calf, ‘Lalu’, is unwanted. Romiz has a hard time feeding Lalu and though he has tried to sell the calf off, no one wants to buy him.
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Parshi Bari bangla natok on RTV

All new drama serial ‘Parshi Bari’ will go on air on RTV from February 20.
Scripted by Shahin Zaman and directed by Al Hasen, the drama tells a story of two families in the countryside. Young Shamim falls in love with a girl called Jhumur in the neighbourhood and at one stage Shamim goes to his father with the proposal of marriage but Shamim’s father Aziz turns down the proposal as in the past Aziz was in love with Jhumur’s mother in their childhood. Angry Shamim leaves the place and sets out for an unknown destination and finally lands in a city. Later, Shamin gets involved in a crooked business and gradually plunges into the evil world.
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Garbhodharini – Samaresh Majumdar’s epic novel comes to Channel1 TV

The story of four friends that took Bengali readers by storm and continues to fascinate generations is now coming to TV. A mega-serial titled “Garbhodharini”, an adaptation of Samaresh Majumdar’s hugely popular novel, goes on air on January 6 at 8:15 pm on Channel 1.
“Garbhodharini” narrates the adventures of Joyita, Shudip, Anondo and Kollan who, despite their dissimilar backgrounds, have similar ideologies about the flaws of the society. Joyita comes from an affluent family that made its fortune by means of her father’s corrupt practices. Similarly, Shudip’s father is a dubious lawyer; his mother is paraplegic. Anondo’s mother is his best friend; his father lost his life for political reasons. Kollan is a brilliant student, but his family is hard up. These four are unhappy with the state of the society, with their surroundings and want to change things. They plan to bomb selected areas, not to hurt anyone but with the intention of bringing various shady activities to everyone’s attention. Their actions infuriate influential figures involved, and soon the authorities pursue the perpetrators. The rebellious quartet dodge the police and take refuge in a secluded area.
The entire initiative to bring the novel to the small screen was undertaken by Shankha Dasgupta, director of the serial.
“I chose ‘Garbhodharini’ because when I read it, I felt like it demanded to be made into a film or serial,” says Dasgupta. The author agreed to Dasgupta’s proposal under the condition that he would write the script himself.
Seventy-two episodes (each 22-minute long) of the serial are jointly produced by Top of Mind and Prionty.
The cast includes Tisha, Hillol, Shajol, Shahriar Shubho, Saberi Alam, Pijush Bandyopadhyay, Mahmudul Islam Mithu, Shamima Naznin, Jayonto Chattyopadhyay, Chitralekha Guho and others.
“Garbhodharini” airs every Wednesday and Thursday at 8:15pm.
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